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Creating Simple Map

Go to Maps tab.

You can see list of your maps.

Press New button to create new map.

You'll see map detail screen and google request to detect your location (to set center of map for you convenience).

Say yes. Or you can move manual. Or set your default position in Component Options

Let's create map with default properties for all fields. Only define required fields for new map.

Set values for fields:

  • Title
  • Width
  • Height
  • Latitude and Longitude set by dragging placemark or clicking on map

Press Save to save map. Close map details and call map, for that

  • as component: create menu item and set map title to yours
  • as plugin: create article enter call clause

And our map can looks like that

You can see

  • map
  • placemark (which is center of map)
  • infowin with title text
    • if you fill description field you'll see it too

Now change map properties

  • set Show Title as Placemark to No

And now map is

This is useful for more complicated maps (to hide your map center)

And another change

  • set Show Title as Placemark to Bounce
  • set Open InfoWin to No

Now InfoWin is not displayed and our placemark is jumping :) (I can't display it)

Click on placemark to show InfoWin - you'll see your map title (and description, ie I filled Description field in map details)