Zh Template Map FullScreen

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Zh Template Map FullScreen

This template created for displaying map (as Zh GoogleMap, as Zh YandexMap).


It is simple template, just install it by Extension Manager.

Template supports autoupdate feature


Create menu item for map.

Select Zh GoogleMap -> Map to define menu for Zh GoogleMap.

In details select your map.

Go to you map details and set width and height = 0

Open your map on site (in FrontEnd) by click on menu.

You'll see that map filled whole browser window

Adding your CSS

In some cases you need to load additional CSS.

To do that - go to Template Manager.

Click on template to open Edit Style page

In Common Settings section enter into Additional CSS-styles for loading URL of files to load in template.

The separator of CSS filenames is new line or ;

And don't forget to copy favicon.ico into template folder

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