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Zh GoogleMap extension overview

Extension Zh GoogleMap is created for CMS Joomla! for displaying maps by Google Maps service

The extension implements the following features:

  • create and display any numbers of maps, placemarks
  • multilingual interface
  • configurate many settings (Zoom, Map Type, Map Type Control,

Double Click Zoom, Scroll Wheel Zoom, Zoom Control, Scale Control, Traffic Layer, Bicycle Layer, Transit Layer)

  • create any routes (use Directions API) and paths (use polylines)
  • set you custom image on placemark
  • you can specify KML Layer for map (field on map tab), just write URL for KML or GeoRSS
  • you can also display not only one KML Layer and control its behavior
  • markers can include site reference and image, and HTML code
  • you can use marker clusterer (markers grouping when map zoom out)
  • you can group placemarks and show|hide all group with addition control, create many clusters with its own icon
  • you can use MarkerManager functionality to show|hide markers depend on zoom
  • you can use OpenStreetMap layer
  • you can use Places API
  • you can use Elevation API
  • you can use contact and user information in placemarks
  • you can use New Zeland Topomaps layer
  • you can use OpenTopoMap layer
  • you can use plugin to call from K2 items
  • you can add custom map types and use it
  • you can use Projection in custom map types
  • you can use Styles for map
  • you can use InfoBubble as InfoWin
  • you can enable for registered users enter placemark from front end
  • you can set Google Maps API Key for monitoring or billing over quotas limit
  • you can use Street View
  • you can create polygons (areas), circles and polylines
  • you can manage KML Layers (show|hide it by its list menu)
  • you can set rate for your placemarks
  • you can set labels for placemarks, with its styles
  • you can use placemark table view or placemark details view
  • third party content plugins work in some description fields
  • you can import your placemarks from CSV file

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