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Creating Path

The path means polylines, polygons, circles or special map objects (layers).

We turn to the tab "Paths".


Enter the necessary number of paths with reference to a specific map.

Field Path - a set of coordinates of points, the coordinates (Latitude, Longitude) are separated by comma (,), the points themselves - separated by a semicolon (;)

Coordinates it is convenient to choose by dragging the marker (values are substituted into the reference field in the form Current coordinates, from there you can copy and add a separator and value in the field Path), or clicking the mouse on the desired location.

In second part there will be described how draw polyline by tools and get values for path field.

Path properties



Title Path Title
Description Description
Path Path

for example: 59.92335689062723,30.385787878185525;59.92374467628344,30.387547407299284

Object Type Polyline, Polygon (area) or Circle
Map Title Title of the map, where path would be displayed
Category The category that this path is assigned to
Current coordinates Current coordinates

Path Details



Addition HTML text HTML text, that will be included in infowin

Be careful, if you enter email address, the other Joomla! plugin it changed, and there will be an error and map will not be shown.

Published Published
Geodesic line Create Geodesic line (circle-shaped)
Weight Line Weight
Color Line Color
for example: #FF0000
Opacity Opacity, number value between 0.0 and 1.0
Fill Color Fill Color (for rectangles, circles)
for example: #FF0000
Fill Opacity Fill Opacity, number value between 0.0 and 1.0
Radius Circle radius in meters
Group Group, it can be used for managing by Group List
Category The category that this path is assigned to

Advanced options


InfoWin Content InfoWin Content
  • No
  • Title
  • Description
  • Title and Description
KML Layer Show Type Map bounds for fitting the KML layer
  • Zoom - Zoom to fit bounds of layer
  • Unchange - Do not change viewport
Action by Click Action when you click on path
  • No
  • Open InfoWin

KML Layer


KML Layer URL of the KML Layer, that would be displayed on the map
Layer Show Type Map bounds for fitting the KML layer
  • Zoom - Zoom to fit bounds of layer
  • Unchange - Do not change viewport
Suppress InfoWin Suppress open InfoWin when you click on layer




Elevation Enable feature to draw elevation diagram
Diagram Width Diagram Width
Diagram Height Diagram Height
Samples count Samples count in diagram
Samples count (KML) Samples count from KML file to analyse
Icon Type Icon Type to display on map current position on diagram
Baseline Baseline value
Baseline Color Baseline Color
Gridline Color Gridline Color
Gridline Count Gridline Count
Minor Gridline Color Minor Gridline Color
Minor Gridline Count Minor Gridline Count
Min Value Min Value
Max Value Max Value
Background Border Color Background Border Color
Background Border Width Background Border Width
Background Fill Color Background Fill Color



Create Path by drawing tool

The new feature added - drawing tool

On map there are new controls


You just simple draw polyline by clicking on points. Double click to stop drawing.


When you finished draw, the Path field contain all coordinate values to build path.

If you wish to get some point coordinates, click on map in not drawing mode, and the field Current coordinates will contain it.


The Google's Drawing Library doesn't supports creating polyline with predefined points, therefore component not display drawing tools when you save, but in this case path is displaying as a editable polyline for more useful management. You can change it, or correct coordinates. To remove this polyline - clear path field with coordinates and save, in this case there is drawing tools appear again