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Creating Placemark

We turn to the menu "Placemarks".


Enter the number of markers bound to a specific map.

Coordinates it is convenient to choose by dragging the marker (the value is automatically substituted in the form fields ) or by clicking the mouse on the desired location.

Placemark properties


Title Placemark Title
Description Description
Tags Tags
Latitude Latitude
Longitude Longitude
Address Text address of your placemark
Map Title Title of the map, where marker would be displayed

Placemark Details



Published Published
Group Group
Protected from user correction Protected placemark from user correction, when you activate creating users placemark
Include in Placemark List Include placemark in Placemark List
Category The category that this placemark is assigned to
User ordering index Use this field to manual sorting placemarks in placemark list
Addition HTML text HTML text, that will be included in placemark popup content

Be careful, if you enter email address, the other Joomla! plugin it changed, and there will be an error and map will not be shown.

Appearance properties



Marker Marker Type
  • No - Do not show marker
  • Simple - Marker without animation
  • Bounce - Marker with animation (Bounce)
  • Drop - Marker with animation (Drop)
  • Marker with label: Simple - Marker without animation and label
  • Marker with label: Bounce - Marker with animation (Bounce) and label
  • Marker with label: Drop - Marker with animation (Drop) and label
Icon Type Icon Type
Icon X-offset Icon offset
Icon Y-offset Icon offset
Open InfoWin Execute action which described in Action by Click and Zoom by Click
InfoWin Content Content of InfoWin
  • Title and Description
  • Title
  • Description
  • Title and Article (by iframe)
  • Article (by iframe)
  • None
Action by Click Action by Click on this placemark
  • Open InfoWin
  • Open Link in the same page - link, that entered in URL Site field
  • Open Link in new page
  • None
Zoom by Click Zoom by Click on this placemark

You can change zoom when you click on marker

  • Do not change - zoom is not changed
URL Site Site URL to display in placemark InfoWin content
Site Name Site Name to display instead of URL
URL Image Image URL to display in placemark
URL Image Thumbnail Image URL to display in placemark list
Start Publishing Placemark start publishing date
Finish Publishing Placemark finish publishing date
Date of creation Placemark creation date
Access ACL access level to view this placemark

Marker with Label




Label X-offset Label offset
Label Y-offset Label offset
Label content HTML label content
Label Style Label CSS style. Note: If the attribute name of css contains a hyphen, the hyphen should be removed and capitalized.
For example, the background color property should be written as backgroundColor





Prepare Content Run other plugins for InfoWin content
Show Tags Show tags in InfoWin content
  • No
  • Placemark
  • Contact
Tag Style User which associate with placemark
  • Simple
  • Advanced
  • External
User User which associate with placemark
Show user prompts Type of view user information
  • No
  • Text
  • Icon
  • No prompts
Contact Contact which associate with placemark
Show contact prompts Type of view contact information
  • No
  • Text
  • Icon
  • No prompts
Contact Button in InfoWin toolbar Show Contact Button in InfoWin toolbar
Alternative Contact URL You can alternative URL to show contact page (instead of standard joomla's call)
Placemark details Button in InfoWin toolbar Show Placemark Button in InfoWin toolbar
Alternative Details URL You can alternative URL to show details page (instead of standard call detail placemark view)
Article Article which associate with placemark
Article Button in InfoWin toolbar Show Article Button in InfoWin toolbar
Alternative Article URL You can alternative URL to show article page (instead of standard joomla's call)
iframe tag Article CSS You can apply CSS style for iframe tag (when use article in infowin content)

Hidden Attributes for Customization



For your convenience you can also change the labels of the fields by joomla overrides





For example, you can enter some data into this fields.

In table columns have names




You can use this fields, for example, for integration with other systems or etc.



Placemark Customization

Copy your marker images (format PNG) in the directory


Component will automatically pick up the picture when choosing the type of marker.

The only requirement - the file name use English letters and can't contain any special character; the file extension have to be a .png ie in lower case, because names of images stored in a database without the extension, and it is appended in the output.

Don't forget about Compatibility Mode for Resource Files


The marker may be included in one group, for this to specify a marker belonging to the group. If the field of markers grouping is set (field value Group Control is different from No), then starts an additional feature: a list of active groups (the location is determined by this same field, with the first four (left, top, right, bottom) correspond to the table form of representation, while the two latter (Group-Map, Map-Group) - based on the div, and you have the opportunity to do anything with them.

The map also has a drop-down list Group CSS - which implements the following functionality:

  • the first two styles - predefined
  • the third - you can override it in your CSS file template
  • while in three cases, just have three different names of objects, respectively, we can change the styles they like.

The following names

for the div-tag ID takes the value

  • BDMapsMenu-advanced
  • BDMapsMenu-simple
  • BDMapsMenu-external

for ul-tag

  • zhbdm-menu-advanced
  • zhbdm-menu-simple
  • zhbdm-menu-external

Accordingly, styles, prescribes for them. Field Show Group Icon is used to display icons in the list of groups.