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You do not need to configurate it.

There are some parameters you can set in component options.

Go to component page

Press (menu):

  • Components
  • Zh BaiduMap





When you create new map objects at the opening map is automatically calculated location, if can not be calculated, then displaying center of Palace Square in St. Petersburg (if not set default place).

Default place

You can set latitude and longitude of your default place in Options page

After that when you try to create new map, placemark, path in backend, position of marker on map will be set to default.

Map Height

You can control map height in admin panel

HTML tag for InfoWin Title

Define h2 (h3...) tag for InfoWin Title, for example, for placemark

Map Type in Editor

You can manage what map types will be accessible when you define map objects (map, placemarks...) and there is a map in details.

Compatibility Mode

In some cases when on map is active Managing Placemarks by Group List, you can get an error
link.hasClass is not a function

It can be caused by conflict with JQuery and mootools in some templates, or in case mootools is disabled in joomla
In this case you can activate compatibility mode, when calling methods hasClass and toggleClass is changed to JavaScript functions which do like the same.

Compatibility Mode for Resource Files

In some cases you restrict access to administrator folder. In this folder for component by default exists assets folder , which used for storing icons for component and plugin.

If you block access to it, then when users will try to see your map will get login screen.

And just for this case there is a component option Compatible Mode for Resource Files.

Just set it to yes, and all references in document, which contains map (created as a component, or as a plugin), will be to site assets folder. Do not move any files or folders, just use it.

And you have to copy icons from admin icons folder (/administrator/components/com_zhbaidumap/assets/icons) to site folder (/components/com_zhbaidumap/assets/icons), because it is empty from installation (because if site folder will contain icons, then size of zip-archive of extension increase twice)

And if you want to use your icons for placemarks, you should copy your icons to both folders. In administrator folder icons will be used in backend (admin panel), and when displaying - from site folder.


You can set protocol to use when you load map.

Map initialization type

In some cases your template or the other extensions can use onload function. And in this case map will not be initialized (displayed), therefore you can set domready type.

Baidu Maps API version

By default loaded latest version of maps API.

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You can define place to show my logo, or hide it