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Module for component is created for inserting maps into module positions.

All maps (not in plugin section), that you see in demo site was displayed as a component call, but All Features are supported in call as module


Install the module in Extension Manager.

It is module for component, therefore component have to be installed

Module supports autoupdate feature


Open Module Manager.

You'll see list of modules.

Create new one.

Select Zh GoogleMap Module

You'll see module details



Select the appropriate map.

If you do not change any other fields - you'll get the map as you defined it.

For lists you have to enter IDs by semicolon as separator

Map Map to display
Placemark List You can define a list of placemark IDs, separated by ;

For example, value 1;4;6 will show placemarks with ID=1, ID=4 and ID=6 on your map. Placemarks can be from different maps
Leave it empty to show map as configured in component

Exclude Placemark List IDs of placemarks to not display on map
Placemark Group List Group IDs for placemarks to show
Placemark Category List Category IDs for placemarks to show
Route List Route IDs to show
Exclude Route List IDs of routes to not display on map
Route Category List Category IDs for routes to show
Path List Path IDs to show
Exclude Path List IDs of paths to not display on map
Path Group List Group IDs for paths to show
Path Category List Category IDs for paths to show
Placemark for map center Placemark ID for override map center
Action for centering placemark Actions for centering placemark
Enable Support External Link to Placemark Enable feature to create your own placemark list feature. See also in tutorials

Define position for module and the others attributes.


Today, you can display only one Zh GoogleMap Module on the same page.
If you need more that one, you can create for each other Custom HTML module and call in it's body plugin

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